FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1 - What are your fees ?

DAILY TICKETS (incl. VAT) – season 2024, starting April 26, 2024.
Please note: Prices may change without prior notice.

Full day

  • Individuals over 14: 25$ (Monday to Thursday), 30$ (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 15$ (ID card may be requested).
  • Private area with pool : pls call 70950010.

After 3:00pm

  • Individuals over 14: 20$ (Monday to Thursday), 25$ (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 10$ (ID card may be requested).

20 adult ticket booklets (payment cash only) 

  • Booklet of 20 tickets at $450 instead of $600.
  • Tickets valid everyday including weekends and holidays.
  • Tickets expire Sept. 30.
  • Offer can be bought at Lazy B. This amount is not refundable. 
  • Limited quantity.

MEMBERSHIPS provide free entrance including on weekends and holidays from the opening till Sept. 30. 
Payment cash only.


  • Individuals over 14: $450
  • Children under 14: $250.
  • Memberships may be bought at Lazy B. IDs and photos required.
  • This amount is not refundable. 
  • Management reserves the right to reject application.

2 - Do you provide WiFi?

  • Yes. Please ask for your password at the entrance.

3 - Is Lazy B for adults only?

Absolutely not!

Children are welcome at Lazy B, and they even pay a reduced price. They can swim in the sea, in a protected and shallow creek, and play throughout the resort. In 2012, we unveiled a twenty-five meter pool specifically for families, so children now have access to this pool, offering them a whole new playground to enjoy.

Please note however that the two other pools, and their decks and bars, are open to adults only.

4 - How safe is it for young children?

Although Lazy B is very secure for children, and has two lifeguards watching over the family swimming pool, it has been kept as natural as possible.

Thus, parents are advised to watch their children at all times, and to comply with our lifeguard safety instructions as swimming outside the protected creeks and walking on rocks can be hazardous.

5 - What are the rules of Lazy B regarding food, beverage and pets ?

It is forbidden to bring in food, beverages of any kind or pets, regardless of their size or behavior, to Lazy B.

6 - Is it possible to arrange for a wedding or a private party at Lazy B?

Absolutely! For more information on weddings and parties at Lazy B, please click here.

7 - What are your opening hours?

We open at 9 a.m. and close at sunset.

Please note that lifeguards are only on duty until 6:00 p.m., so swimming after this time is at your own risk.

8 - When does the season start at Lazy B?

Lazy B usually opens on April 15th and closes on October 10th, depending on weather conditions. For exact dates, check our Facebook page.

9 - Are your lifeguards reliable ? what are their working hours?

Yes! our lifeguards have official diplomas and they are equipped with full first aid kits.

Nearest hospital is only fifteen minutes away and there’s a service road that allows the ambulance to reach the beach.

Lifeguards are on duty from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily.

10 - Is it possible to enter without a swismsuit?

We do not make any distinction in clothing, skin color, beliefs or religion. Lazy B welcomes everyone. However, we have a dress code as follows: anyone can sit at the restaurants. For all other areas, regular swimwear (monokini and bikini only) is compulsory as Lazy B is a beach club and nothing else. People are here to sunbathe, relax and swim.

11 - Do you provide bungalows ?

Lazy B doesn’t offer bungalows, but there are cabins available for daily use.

12 - Do you provide towels ?

Yes, you may either rent or buy a towel at the Lazy B boutique.

13 - Are helpers allowed at Lazy B?

Of course, and they don’t pay the entrance fee provided that they don’t swim. If they wish to swim, they become regular customers and thus are required to pay the regular entrance fee. Please note that a regular swiming suit (not shorts) is compulsory in this case. 

14 - Why don't you have music at Lazy B?

Because all the other beaches do! On a more serious note, it’s because we believe that at least one of the top beaches in Lebanon should be quiet, peaceful and relaxing.

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