Weddings & Parties

Weddings & Parties

The beauty of Lazy B is even more striking at night, making it the ideal place for any event.

Any location within Lazy B can be reserved for private parties: weddings, engagements, birthdays and more. The space best suited to your event will depend of course on the number of guests that will attend, but they are all on offer: green spaces, patios, swimming pools, the beach etc…

Delight as you walk through paths demarked by candle light in the middle of bamboos; relax at tables set on terraces overlooking the sea; party the night away around the pool. The only limit to your unforgettable event is your imagination; Lazy B takes care of the rest! Check out some pictures here.

Terms & Conditions for other Private parties

If you’re looking for a different way of celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or any private party, Lazy B can be a magic and exotic alternative.

If you're planning to organize a night-time party with a minimum of 50 guests, you may contact us on +961-70950010. We will help you set up a fantastic private event, all included.

For all daytime private gatherings, specific areas may be reserved in advance. Parties may be booked during the day for a minimum of twenty guests. Special prices are available for large groups. 

Please contact us for more info.

Terms & Conditions for Weddings and engagement parties

There are three elements to consider when planning your invitation:

The rental of Lazy B for the event: in order to give you an accurate price quotation, we will need to know the exact date and number of guests for your event. As soon as you have this information, please email us on [email protected].

The caterer and menu: you will find hereafter a short list of the caterers who are authorized by Lazy B. Your budget, menus and the organization of your event should be negotiated directly with them.

Sound and lighting: we can propose one operator who knows Lazy B very well. Please contact him directly in order to define your requirements and budget. You may also choose your own sound & lighting operator; in that case, the price for renting Lazy B will be increased by 15%.

Rental fee

Rental prices depend on the area(s) you wish to use, the exact date of your event and the number of guests attending.

This rental fee includes the basic lighting of Lazy B, security, lifeguards, cleaning, assistance and valet parking.

This rental price doesn’t include catering, sound and lighting or decoration.

Rental fees are to be paid as follows:

  • one down payment upon reservation,
  • and one or two further installments, the first a few months before the reserved date, and the second a few days prior to the event. 

To ask for a rental fee quotation, please contact us.



The catering for your event can be organized directly with one of our six exclusive caterers:

  • Fleur de Lys (, +961-71-010375, +961-03-192992).
  • Larissa (Mr. Joe Karam, +961-3-34 20 20)
  • Cat & Mouth (+961-1-424 484, +961-3-452 777)
  • Faqra Catering (+961-1-56 11 11)
  • Le Blanc Catering (Mr. Hicham Saad, +961-3-445 409)
  • Tailor Kit Catering (Mr. Dany Abdallah +961-1-687889, +961-70-118887, E-mail: [email protected])
  • Kitchen Central (Mr. Farid or Tarek Chehab, +961-1-253798, [email protected])
  • Saveur Plus (Mrs. Gina el Khoury), Tel:  +961 1 887 400/600 –  M :  + 961 3 816 298 + 961 3 955 185 - [email protected]

Sound & Lighting

Two lighting and DJ suppliers are allowed to operate for events at Lazy B:

  • – Rony Zakkour (+961-3-958 237).
  • – Elie Bassil (Skylight, +961-3-58 00 55).

If you’re willing to invite more than 250 guests and are searching for a very large place, the Boustany Residence gardens are the best solution. They are located 10mn south of Lazy B and can be reached on +961-3-002332 (Mrs Boustany).